Enzymatic Cleaner 500 ML





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Product properties:


100% natural enzymatic cleaner. Eliminates egg stains, vomit, blood, wine, car oils, dog and cat URINE.

. It is antibacterial.

. Relentless with dirty clothes.

. Removes stains from carpets and fabric coverings.

. It is excellent at cleaning mattresses.

. Disinfects fruits and vegetables (one tablespoon per liter of water).

. It is an excellent natural repellent against ants, spiders and cockroaches.

. Most importantly, it prevents dogs and cats from urinating in unwanted areas again.


These are enzyme-based compounds that dissolve and degrade various types of organic substances, even penetrating areas that are difficult or almost impossible to access. SEE THE PHEROMOMES THAT DOGS AND CATS LEAVE WHEN URINATING, MAKING THEM NOT URINATE IN THAT PLACE AGAIN.

As it is not made of chemicals, it is an ecological cleaning product, very respectful of the environment and biodegradable, while minimizing allergic reactions both in the people who use it in their cleaning tasks, and in subsequent users of surfaces. , clothing or objects sanitized with this type of product.

The principle from which the use of biological enzymes in the composition of the product is derived is based on the use of these molecules of protein origin that act as catalysts, accelerating the processes in certain chemical reactions, destroying stains produced by remains more quickly and easily. organic.

How to use:

Multi-use: apply the product pure and let it absorb itself, in the desired area.


Being a 100% natural product there are no returns. Each product that is sent is checked to ensure that its packaging comes out in perfect condition.